05.22.2005 -- 9:24 pm

so it's been a month since i've written here. everything's just been so crazy. i've been in this hole that i think i may get out of next week when we're down south. but i'm not so sure. i'm constantly worring that my husband is going to say or do something to piss off my brother. and it's been so may years since i've lived with my brother, what's that going to be like. i feel my sister in law has such a need to be liked, that i won't have a problem with much as her ignorance irritates me, we've always got along. and the big guy i think will just be doing his own thing.

so my husband is down in north carolina to get car insurance and to talk to the temp agency. he has to wait thirty days to get his emt status transfered. so, hopefully he can get a job starting next week. i still have to update my resume, so bleh for me. i must do this in the next two days and print a bunch up, so i can go all over and apply. i really want to get into a school or a bank....most of them have good benifits, and that's my mission....get us some quality insurance. yeay... i can always try to get an insurance job too...i at least know that.

i'm ready to go try this adventure out. i hope there are no big problems. i know there will be some bumps on the road, but i hope they are few and far between. i'm really nervous....bleh.

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